Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Best Steak Restaurant in Australia - well done boys!

At the risk of looking like a bit of a bragger, I just had to tell you all about our most recent win at the Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence, who crowned us "Best Steak Restaurant in Australia".

As you can imagine, the boys and I were stoked with this recognition, particularly as it is judged by the general public. They're the people we want to impress - everyday people who walk through our doors - and I feel that this award is a true reflection of what we are acheiving in the restaurant everyday.

We're pretty serious about our meat at The Point and really strive to deliver the most diverse and in-depth beef experience to guests. We source premium-grade meats from some of the country’s most reputable suppliers, dry age them in on-site facilities and prepare the cuts in a range of traditional and contemporary styles.

As you can tell, I'm pretty proud of our craft! And am stoked to see that our customers are too. Thanks to all those who voted....